How To Pass Your Road Test

Most students believe that in order to pass their road test that they have to be great drivers. But sometimes great drivers fail their road test.

Don't get my wrong, you do have to know how to drive. If you do not know how to drive: click here.

You will be directed to our home page where you can sign up for some driving lessons.

If you are now starting out, I would recommend you start with the eight or twelve lessons package.

If you can afford to get the 12 lessons, I would recommend that package over the 8 lessons as it gives you more time behind the wheel to repeat each task.

The more you repeat tasks, the better and the faster you will learn thereby saving you money.

But in addition to knowing how to drive you also have to know what to do but more importantly, what not to do.

It is the mistakes that you will make when you do not know what to do that will result in you acquiring too many penalty points.

Any points over 30, results in you failing your road test and being denied a driver's license.

Sadly though, most driving instructor focus on teaching their students how to become great drivers and forget to teach them what to do and what not to do.

Subsequently, every year many students who are great drivers end up failing their road test.

Hi, my name is Colin Thorne and I am the chief driving instructor for Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn.

It would be my pleasure to share with you the same Tips and Tricks that have helped my students pass their road tests.

I have taken the knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 40 plus years of helping my students pass their road tests and distilled them into 7 Ebooks. Why 7, you may ask.

Well there are 7 distinct parts of the road test. Mess up any one of these parts and you could fail your test.

So you can judge for yourself the quality of these ebooks, I am giving you an opportunity to get the first 2 ebooks for FREE.

These two ebooks will show you in an easy, step-by-step, paint by the numbers way how to get through the first two parts of you road test without messing up.

If you see the value in these ebooks, and I know you will, we will offer the other 5 at a price you will not be able to pass up.

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