Tips on how to pass your road test the first time.

Below are 4 tips that will help you pass your road test. Road Test Tip #1. Learn how to drive.To pass the road test in New York, you should know how to drive. Personally I know of many students who failed because they thought they were ready to take the road test but really weren't. If you don't know how to drive, click here Road Test Tip #2. Relax. I have seen far too many students failed because they got too bloody nervous on the day of their road test. To avoid getting nervous, you should be well prepared before the day of the road test. If you have a good driving instructor, listen to him/her. They know when you are ready to take the road test. The majority of my students who failed were the ones who didn't follow my advice. They thought they were ready to take the road test but they weren't. Road Test Tip #3. Proper Focus. If you are well prepared for the road test, then focus your attention on what to do. You should not be thinking about failing the road test because if this is what you are focusing on you won't be able to focus on the things to do and ultimately you will fail. Road Test Tip # 4. Avoid points. 100% of the people who failed the road test did so because they got too many points. In order to pass the road test in New York state, you must get 30 points or less. If you go over 30 points, you will fail. If you have a good driving instructor, he/she should have shown you how to drive so as to avoid getting points. I have taught students who got zero points because they did exactly what I taught them to do. If you don't know the strategy for avoiding points, I suggest you click here now. Take one lesson with me. It is far easier and more effective for me to show you in person. If you have any doubts about our effectiveness, click here to read the reviews of our pass students on Google reviews.

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