Want to pass your road test on your first or next try? 


Over my 20 plus years of teaching, I discovered that some of my best students who were great drivers; kept failing.


After extensive reasearch, I was able to identify 7 critical areas you have to do pass in order to get your driver's license.


This collection of 7 EBOOKS will teach you how to correct mistakes that you could make in any one of the 7 critical areas of your road test.


So if you are now starting out or an experienced driver who keeps failing, this bundle set can help you pass your road test.


In it you will get over 20 years of experience that will teach you:

  • How to get started: if you start wrong the possiblity of ending wrong increases.  Follow the steps in our Getting Started Guide so you start on the right foot.
  • How to leave the curb: leave the curb unsafely could not only result in you failing but could also result in serious injury from an accident.
  • About approaching the intersection in a safe way so you can enter and exit without incident.
  • In an easy step-by-step manner how to switch lanes safely.
  • How to make turns so you are not penalized for making turns too wide, too short or poor steering control.
  • How to parallel park easily.  If you can turn your steering wheel one rotation to the left and lock it to the right you can park.
  • About 3 point turns. Drive, Reverse, Drive.  Follow along as we show you how to use these 3 gears to make a 3 point turn (aka a broken U turn or K turn) safely

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