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What is the best way to steer your car?

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

As an instructor I have been often asked: "what is the best way to steer your vehicle?" Some school recommend the push and pull method (s

imilar to the action you take if you are milking cows. Others recommend the hand over hand method.

In my opinion, the hand-over-hand method is absolutely the best way to steer your vehicles.

Turning the wheel hand over hand allows you greater control over your vehicle. It allows you to turn your steering wheel so much more.

With the push and pull method, you are not able to move the steering wheel in large increments resulting in you taking a longer time to turn your steering wheel.

Please refer to the video above for an example of the hand over hand method. If you are not able to steer properly, you will be denied a license.

So why fail? Learn the most effective way to turn the steering wheel when you become a student of Fuzion Driving School.

Another area where students have problems on the day of their road test is what to do when they get into their car on the day of their road test.

One student forgot to adjust his seat. He was 6'.2" tall and the seat was adjusted for a 5'.6" driver. He was very uncomfortable and failed his road test miserably.

Another one was unable to start his car because he had changed gears to drive before starting. The car does not start in drive gear.

Being unable to get your to get your car started results in failure.

Why fail because you are not able to Get Started properly?

I have created an ebook called Getting Started that literally walk

s you through the process of getting started the right way so you don't mess up and fail.

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