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How To Pass Your Road Test Without Failing Too Many Times Or Spending Too Much Money.

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Most students believe that in order to pass their road test they have to be great drivers. But sometimes great drivers fail their road test.

Last year more than 50% of road test applicants in New York, failed their road test. And, sad to say, many of those who failed, knew how to drive.

Don't get my wrong, you do have to know how to drive but if you are looking to pass your road test, you also have to know how to avoid getting too many penalty points.

You see, each time you do something which is unsafe you are penalized with penalty points. For instance, if you switched lanes and forgot to signal, you will acquire 10 penalty points each time you do so. Do so 4 times and you will have acquired 40 points and fail your road test.

30 points or less, you pass, 35 points or more, you fail.

Most driving schools in Brooklyn do an awesome job of teaching you how to drive but, sad to say, most do an awful job teaching you how to avoid points.

At Fuzion Driving School, we use a simple 3 step approach to teaching that will have you avoiding those dreaded penalty points from your very first lesson.


Evaluate, Teach, Evaluate

No two students are alike. Some need more coaching, more direction and a softer approach. Other are not as needy and function better with a different approach.

Since we do not know you and your needs, I would recommend that you take one evaluation lesson with us so we can see what is needed to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

There are two ways you can sign up for this evaluation lesson. This first way is to sign up for our 5 hour class, because upon completion of the 5 hour class, you will given a coupon code to save 20% off your evaluation lesson.

Ask your instructor during the 5 hour class for the code to save 20% off your first lesson.

The 5 hour class is a mandatory class and is required by New York State. Ours is held over Zoom and you can attend over a desktop or laptop computer or cell phone..

In addition, when you sign up for your 5 hour class, we are able to schedule your road test for you. Why is the important?

Getting an appointment for the road test can sometimes be a month to two month away. So we recommend booking you road test before completing your lessons so that when you finish your lessons you won't have to wait weeks for your road test.

To sign up for our 5 hour class, click the button below now!

If you have already taken your 5 hour class, click the button below to sign up for your single evaluation lesson.,

To sign up for your evaluation class, click the button below now!


After the evaluation lesson, the instructor will recommend a package of driving lessons which will help you become the safe driver the New York State inspector is more than happy to reward with a driver's license.

After the teaching period, the instructor will give you an evaluation road test to see if you are ready for your road test.

If you are, the instructor will recommend that you take your road test.

If you are not road test ready, the instructor will recommend that you take more practice lessons. Remember the more practice, the better you become.

The more you repeat tasks, the better and the faster you will learn thereby saving you money. Our goal at Fuzion Driving School is to make sure that our students pass on their very first try.


Some Students Need More. Do you?

Some students need more than just practice sessions. Some learn much better in the comfort of their own home when they are not behind the wheel of a car.

I came to this realization when some of my students asked if I could write it down for them so they could study the steps at home and practice those steps during the driving lessons.

Hi, my name is Colin Thorne and I am the chief driving instructor for Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn.

It would be my pleasure to share with you the same Tips and Tricks that have helped my students pass their road tests.

I have taken the knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 40 plus years of helping my students pass their road tests and distilled them into 7 Ebooks. Why 7, you may ask.

Well there are 7 distinct parts of the road test. Mess up any one of these parts and you could fail your test.

For a limited number of sales, we are offering the definitive Guide To Passing Your Road Test at a massive 75% discount. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Click the green button below to save 75% and get the information you need to help you pass your road test.


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