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How to parallel park

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Being able to parallel park is a very important skill that you have to acquire, if you want to pass your road test in New York State.

It is sad to say, but I have witness many students fail their road test because they were not able to parallel park.

Or some of them were not very good at controlling their vehicle in reverse gear.

Parallel parking involves being able to control your car in drive gear as well as reverse gear.

And most people have problems controlling their vehicle in reverse gear.

Some people are not good with angles. There are two angles that you have to become familiar with when you are parallel parking: the 180 and 45 degree angles.

Teaching you about angles involves having to draw these angles and this medium (website) does not allow me the luxury of doing any drawing.

To be able to park properly, you also have to be a good judge of distance. Get too close to or hit the car you are parking next to, could cause you to fail your road test.

Likewise if you hit or mount the curb, you will fail your road test.

Parking too far from the curb could result in you getting demerits. You are allowed a foot of less away from the curb.

However I have created an ebook: The Parallel Parking Cheat Sheet.

This ebook which is available immediately for download, walks you through the process of parallel parking in a simple step-by-step formula.

If you can turn your steering wheel one revolution to the right and lock it to the left, we will have you parking in one, two, or three gears.

Click the red button below to be taken to our our sister site where you will be able to purchase the ebook individually or as part of a bundle of 6 other ebooks.

Check out the video below. If it doesn't help you, please call us at 718-485-5300 and we will teach you our simple step by step system that will have you parking in no time at all.


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