How Many Driving Lessons Should I Take?

Happy student driver posted by Fuzion Driving School

This is an excellent question to ask especially if you are working with a limited budget.  However it is very difficult to provide a correct answer to this question.  Why?  No two students are alike.  Some students are more mechanically skilled than others and will require far less driving lessons than those who are less mechanically skilled.

In the NYS DMV driver's manual, it is suggested that new students should have a minimum of 30 hours of driving before taking a road test.

Because of the system we use to teach you how to drive, the majority of our new students pass their road test after taking between twelve to twenty driving lessons.

To get started, we suggest you take one lesson first.  Allow our instructor an opportunity to judge your skill set.  He/she will then suggest a package of driving lessons to prepare you to become a safe driver and pass your road test.  Save 20% off that first lesson when you attend our 5 hr class.  Limit one per student.  Not to be combined with another offer.  Limited to new students only. 
Click here to sign up for our 5 hr. class and save 20% off your very first driving lesson.

Please note our lessons are 45 minutes in duration and have to be scheduled in advanced.  If you have to cancel a lesson, you are required to give us a twenty four hour notice.  If you fail to do so, the school will charge you for the lesson or lessons for which you were scheduled.


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