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Permit Prep Class

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Are You Ready To Get Your Driver's License

And Experience The Joy Of Driving?

Zip Codes we serve in Brooklyn NY:

11201, 11203, 11212, 11236, 11234, 11231, 11210, 11226, 11225, 11213, 11216, 11238, 11239, 11235, 11211, 11207, 11221, 11205, 11217, 11215, 11218, 11229, 11223, 11204,  11214, 11237, 11206, 11233, 11219, 11208.

If your zip code is not above, call us at 718-485-5300 so we can determine if we can still help you get your driver's license.

If You Are A New Student Without A Learner's Permit, See Step 1 Below.

New Student With A Learner's Permit

Go To Step 2 Below.


Our trained and highly competent driving instructors and staff at Fuzion Driving School in Brooklyn are here to help you on your journey towards learning how to drive, passing your road test and subsequently obtaining your driver's license.  Follow these 3 simple steps and you too can be driving in 2 to 3 weeks or less.


Step 1
You have to first obtain your learner's permit.  To obtain your learner's permit,  click here.  If you have a learner's permit, skip to step 2.


Step 2
Your next step in the process is to learn how to drive.  (If you know how to drive go to step 3.)  
The best way to learn how to drive  is to seek the help of a professional driving school. 


It is safer and far less expensive than using  a friend or relative.  I have heard of many instances of accidents caused by an out of controlled car as a result of a student being taught by a friend or relative who was teaching with a vehicle without dual controls. 


Our licensed driving school cars are equipped with dual controls and a highly trained professional who can prevent you from losing control.  Learning how to drive the correct way is always less expensive and a great deal safer. 

Most students, when looking for driving schools in Brooklyn to teach them how to drive, usually find the driving school that is offering the cheapest price. 


Though price is a factor that you should consider in making your decision, it should not be the sole factor you use when making your decision on which driving school in Brooklyn to select. 


If you had to get your hair done would you choose the cheapest hair salon or would you look for a salon that offered the best results?


At Fuzion Driving School, we recommend the try-before-you-commit approach.  Buy one driving lesson first so you can check out the school, the staff and most importantly the driving instructor before you commit to purchasing a package of driving lessons. 

Would you like to get a DISCOUNTClick here to sign up for our 5 hour class online. Pass your road test on your first or next try, or  receive a 50% discount on your next road test in Brooklyn.

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Click here if you want to purchase a package of lessons.  If you are now starting out, I recommend either the eight lesson or the 12 lesson package.  If you can afford the 12 lessons package it is always better than the eight as it allows you more TIME to practice.  The more practice you get, the better driver you become and the more likely that you will pass on your first try. 


Step 3  
If you have not already done so, your next step is to obtain a five (5) hour pre-licensing certificate by attending a 5 hr. class at a school licensed by the NYS DMV to administer the 5 hr. class.  


Click here to sign up for the 5 hour class.  Our 5 hour class is second to none.  It is content fill and entertaining. 


We provide you with the necessary information you need to pass your road test and obtain your driver's license the very first time. 


We also provide cars for your road test and a licensed driver to take you to the road test site.  Click here to obtain a car for your road test.  Good luck and remember we are just one phone call away.


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