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  • Getting Started.  In our Getting Started Blueprint we show you how to get started the right way.  This is the most important part of your road test day.  You see, if you start wrong your chances of failing your road test increases.  But you don't have to fail, follow our guide and start right.

  • Leaving The Curb.  This is another critical area where you have to be very careful.  Making mistakes while leaving the curb have cost many students to, fail.  Follow our step-by-step paint by the numbers system for leaving the curb and reduce your chances of failing.

  • Maneuvering The Intersection.  Every road system has intersections and accidents usually occur at intersections.  Follow our Manual For Maneuvering Intersections so you can learn how to enter and exit safely.

  • Switch Lanes.  Another requirement of your road test is switching lanes but you have to do so safely.  A mistake made while switching lanes could not only cause failure but could also result in an accident.  Follow the step-by-step system in our Switching Lanes Safely Guide and you will be able to switch lanes safely.

  • Turning.  In our Turns Made Easy Guide, you will learn how to make turns safely so you are not penalized for making turns too wide, too short or lose control while turning.

  • Parallel Parking.  Parallel parking is a requirement in New York and it is the area where far too many students fail their road test.  In our Parallel Parking Cheat Sheet, we show you a step by step system for parking so you don't forget where to turn your steering wheel or what gear to place your car into.

  • Three Point Turns.  Also known as K-turns or broken U-turns is the easiest part of the road test.  Yet every year students make simple, stupid errors that result in failure.  Follow our 3 Point Turn Cheat Sheet and reduce your chances of making these errors.

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