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Looking For An Online Hour Class
That Won't Put You To Sleep?

Schedule Your Online 5 Hour Class Now And Get 50% Off
The Car For Your Road Test Now While Available!

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The 5 hour pre-licensing course is a DMV mandated class.  Every one who wishes to obtain a New York State driver's license must take the 5 hour class. The 5 hour class consist of 3 hours of lecture presentation, one hour of video presentation and a one hour break period. The purpose of the 5 hour class is to teach road test applicants how to be safe, courteous, defensive drivers who will operate the motor vehicle without any alcohol or drugs in their blood system.

The 5 hour pre-licensing course taught at Fuzion Driving School is the best 5 hour class you will ever attend.  Not only do we accomplish what is required of us by the New York State DMV; but we do so in a manner which is entertaining, engaging and informative. Our course is content filled and if you are looking to pass your road test the very first time, our 5 hour class is the one you need to attend.

The fee to attend is $60.00 in advance.  You can pay online or you can pay in the office; but it must be paid in advance.  There are no walk-ins.  After you have paid, please call us at 1-718-485-5300; so we can hold a seat for you.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  To cancel the 5 hour class, you must notify us 48 hours in advance.  Failure to do so will result in the  lost of the registration fee of $60.00.

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Do You Want To Take Your Five Hour Class Quickly?

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